Starting a Blog

How many people usually go through the internet without reading at least one article or a post from a blog? I didn’t know these were articles written by non-famous, non-trained writers. However, it was very interesting to find different writing styles, very engaging and on topics that some never talk about. It was refreshing. It was nice to read about the issue that someone had with their screaming baby in the corridor of a department store while everyone else gave them a judging look… I felt ‘I’m not alone’, this happens to many people… Ok, but there are lots of blogs like that. Sharing experiences and feelings.

My first blog was about how I felt when I didn’t get the job I worked for over 9 years, getting trained and preparing for… following ‘advice’ from management on how to be prepared enough to apply for it. When I wrote the blog, I needed to tell someone how I felt, without being judged or without hearing that tiny little voice saying: ‘oh well, move on!’ or ‘I feel so sorry for you!’. And I needed to tell the world (without them knowing it was me), that I felt betrayed and handled. The funny thing is that I wrote it, posted it in a public domain, under a alias, and never added tags or similar. So nobody can find it or read it!

Why am I writing this blog now? How much do I know about crochet to write a blog? Am I a good writer? The answer is simple: I want to share my thoughts; I want to share what I learn about more creative passion; I want to know if anyone else can help me (and help them), figure out a pattern or create items together. I don’t want it to be a one way blog. If you want to share something about my topic, write it in a comment, or send me an email with the article, and if I find it relevant I will post it on your behalf. Let’s collaborate on our crocheting experiences…

If you are one of those, who would like to have an exchange with me about crocheting or any creative ability, follow me. If you are not, thanks for visiting, I won’t keep me you much longer.

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